Neck Hug displayed on white generic mannequin on a colored background
Neck Hug displayed on white generic mannequin on a white background
Surface detail shades of blue wool with pink silk spots
Clear plastic storage back with slide closure. Front label displays text Neck Hug, back label displays washing instructions

Blues with Pink Spots Neck Hug

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This Neck Hug has dark and light blue wool are embedded into a light silk fabric using a technique called nuno felting. Areas of pink silk fibers are scattered across the surface.
Using fine quality merino wool, Neck Hugs are designed to be lightweight yet warm. It will surround your neck comfortably without being constrictive. Each one comes packaged in study plastic bag that can be used to store your Neck Hug.

Every Neck Hug is hand made, each one unique. 

Photos show the Neck Hug on a colored background, a white background and a closeup of the felted surface. Also shown is the storage bag the Neck Hug comes with.
The actual colors may vary slightly from the photos due to the nature of how computers render colors. 




Approximate Weight - 1.3 ounces
Approximate Height when scrunched - 9 inches
Approximate Width - 12 inches

Care and Use Instructions

Washing instructions are located on the storage bag.

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