Beaded Magnets
Beaded Magnets
Beaded Magnets

Beaded Magnets

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Beaded magnets, how retro is this design!
A perfect addition to your refrigerator or maybe a cool gift for a special friend. 
Each magnet is an original one of a kind wool sculpture.
The magnet is recessed so the sculpture will sit close to the surface.


Beads and embellishments


Weight: .6 oz
Height: approximately 2 inches
Length: approximately 2 inches
Depth: approximately 1/3 inches

Care and Use Instructions

Needle felted sculptures are sold as display items.
Store and display your sculpture in a place that is safety away from pets and small kiddos, as they tend to like to play with them. Protect your piece from direct sunlight as it can fade colors over time. Dust your piece with a soft paint or makeup brush as needed.

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