About Debbie Wells, Artisan/Owner

All my life I have always been involved with art in one way or another. From art classes in grade school, high school and even a bit in collage. When I made my way into the workplace, I would doodle all over my meeting notes. Even though I’ve dabbled in several art mediums over the years-drawing, painting, pottery, etching prints, quilting, knitting & crocheting, and even making quilt squares out of paper, it was wool that really drew me in and captured me.

So how did it happen? I have to give my sister the credit. While visiting a few years back, she had this wonderful wool sculpture of an old man, who she called the storyteller. It was very cool and I had to know where she got it. She told me it was needle felted and she’d made it. She’d taken a workshop on needle felting while attending one of her llama conventions (yes, LLAMAS, she’s a real llama momma ).Then she said those magic words, “I can show you how”. Well, I was hooked. It started as a hobby, and after retirement from my former career, I launched my second career. Hence the birth of Wellwerks Fiber Art llc. 

Along my fiber arts journey, I have branched out by teaching some workshops, and creating felting kits.

I love introducing this art medium to others.